Lucie Dickenson is a seeker of knowledge that holds smiles and laughter as true medicine. When Lucie got well after years multiple chemical sensitivities, anxiety, OCD, psoriasis and gut issues she made a promise to help others and not make it a financial burden to get well.  

Lucie has been in leadership roles since 1993- first in the corporate world, then as a coach. She entered the world of alternative healing as a client, then as a certified teacher in 2007. For years she has been helping people with anxiety  and it was a natural progression to move into Functional Nutrition. The gut-brain connection cannot be overlooked and it is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner that she is able to use the tools of Functional Medicine and her background in energy healing to help others find the healing they are so desperately searching for... 


Gordon Dickenson is a natural light bringer.. HIs role in Lucie's healing was nothing short of a miracle. Support is imperative to getting well and his  guidance not only helped Lucie get well, but along the way he also found he has some health issues to clean up, including gut and inflammation problems. 

Gordon has held leadership roles since since 1998 and coached numerous individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their personal milestones. 

Through the experience with Lucie, Gordon developed his intuitive skills and found he was an empathic supporter for those in need and in crisis. He is a NLP certified coach and is a Functional Nutrition Coach. 

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